Gets mortgage lenders where they need to go.

Faster and more reliably than they ever thought possible.


Are you ready for a mortgage closing process that’s easier, more predictable and most importantly, better for your clients?

VIP is a real-time solution for lenders and solicitors to process mortgage transactions.

Lenders post documents and instructions to our secure platform. Lawyers/notaries access them through the platform, produce the correct documents, request funds and submit the final report. Easily, efficiently and with far fewer errors than any other method.

This not only provides you with a high level of certainty, it also ensures a trusted solicitor is there to guide your clients and answer their questions. Any legal issues that may arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It all adds up to a smoother closing experience – for you and your clients.

VIP connects you and your customers to more than 7,000 solicitors across Canada


4 ways VIP puts you in control

  1. Customized documents and business rules to meet the needs of your financial institution.
  2. Solicitors must meet your requirements before submitting requests for funds or final reports.
  3. At-a-glance milestone notifications let you know the status of each of your files in real time.
  4. Real-time messaging keeps relevant communications attached to each mortgage file.

VIP Reduces

  • Administration and overhead costs

  • Number of questions from solicitors

  • Delays in getting final reports

  • Errors in instruction package assembly

VIP Improves

  • Quality control by reducing human error in document creation

  • Transaction monitoring and exception management

  • Certainty that instructions are delivered to the correct solicitor

  • Data security and fraud protection measures

VIP is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to reduce processing and delivery delays.

Additional Capabilities

Loan Origination System

  • Allows you to complete loan application information

CMHC/Genworth Mortgage Underwriting System

  • Complete web-based mortgage underwriting system

  • Links to Emili/Genworth

  • Automatically calculates underwriting premiums

  • Maps and pre-populates fields onscreen to assist underwriter

Mortgage Appraisal Intake System

  • Matches appraisals received to the correct transactions in the system

  • Allows viewing of appraisal in PDF format

  • Distributes incoming appraisals among appraisal officers to ensure the even distribution of workload

Broker Interface System

  • Provides a system that brokers can view that seamlessly links to the lender’s website and allows authorized brokers to confirm the status of their mortgage transactions

  • Allows brokers to enter the lawyer name, payment frequency, request for loan-to-value adjustment and broker reminders, such as closing date and outstanding conditions reminders

Lawyer Trust Account Verification

  • Provides a registration process to identify and verify a lawyer’s trust account, and the account that must be used on subsequent requests for funds

Document Management System/Archive

  • Archives all mortgage-related documents generated by the system automatically, including the Solicitor Package and Final Report on Title

  • Searches and retrieves functionality by mortgage number, property address, date range and document type

Mortgage Discharges

  • Electronically receives discharge statement requests

  • Prepares discharge statements and mortgage discharges and then delivers them electronically