Handling closings has never been this easy


Efficiency means you close them as fast as they can sell them

A complete platform for condominium and subdivision projects

RealtiBuilderSales (RBS) is a complete system for lawyers acting for vendors of new home and condominium projects. Easily create projects and lot/unit sale files. Produce relevant documents and make them available to purchaser lawyers in one simple step. Purchaser lawyers can then easily retrieve the documents from their private and secure inbox.



For vendor's lawyer: 

  • Complete facility for data entry and generation of all documents required to close subdivision and condominium transactions
  • Totally flexible Interim and Final Statement of Adjustment creation
  • Electronically-signed documents are delivered online securely to purchasers' lawyers, and can then be downloaded (eliminating the need to print, assemble and deliver document packages)
  • Auto-PDF conversion of lot-specific documents
  • Auto-upload of any general documents as well as subdivision plans and other plans


  • Auto-generation of notification to purchasers' lawyers
  • Deposit (Form 4) reporting and tracking for condominium projects
  • Tracks all deposits and calculates interest on deposits
  • Calculates all occupancy fees and adjustments, tax adjustments, common expense adjustments, redirections, trust statements and statements of account to the builder
  • Calculates consideration for e-reg and Tarion
  • Management and regulatory compliance tool

For purchaser's lawyer:

  • Project and closing documents are made available electronically, per project
  • Subdivision and other plans can also be made available electronically, per project, at the discretion of the vendor's lawyer (alleviating the need to obtain copies through e-reg®, which is costly)
  • Direct link through LDD system to TitlePLUS web-based policy application system, where applications are pre-populated for new home projects enrolled with the TitlePLUS New Home Program.

Additional benefits of RealtiBuilderSales:

  • Complete integration with LDD's web offerings
  • Automatically generated passwords for each record
  • Simple document upload procedures and download procedures for the purchasers’ lawyers
  • Website management that’s totally transparent, seamless and automatic
  • A secure website and secure documents