Intelligent Title Insurance

Bringing Automated Underwriting and Policy Issuance Together


A Canadian Pioneer in North American Title Insurance

LDD pioneered and deployed a complete internet-based underwriting and distribution system for the LAWPRO® TitlePLUS® program. This Canada-wide title insurance system manages orders, electronically underwrites them and issues the policies. In the US, the LDD technology platform runs EPIC™ (Electronic Policy Issuance Capability) for leading-edge underwriters.

Streamlining the TitlePLUS Title Insurance Process for Lawyers across Canada

Title insurance application and issuance through the TitlePLUS® program is quick and easy. Apply for a TitlePLUS policy in one of two ways: 

1. Use 

Complete your entire TitlePLUS title insurance policy application simply by working through the online application form. On the website, you can generate all documentation related to the TitlePLUS insurance policy. 

2. Through RealtiWeb

The TitlePLUS program is also seamlessly integrated with RealtiWeb. There's no need to input data twice. Just enter your data once and RealtiWeb uses the information throughout the file and sends it to your TitlePLUS application.

Additional benefits:

  • Universal access, 24/7

  • Speed - it takes only minutes to complete

  • Automated approval in most cases

Click here to sign up for the TitlePLUS program

For more information on TitlePLUS title insurance, go to or call 416-598-5899 (toll-free: 1-800-410-1013).


Automated Title Insurance for Underwriters in the United States


EPIC™ (Electronic Policy Issuance Capability) is LDD’s ground breaking web-based title insurance system for use in the United States. Working with several U.S.-based bar-related title insurers, LDD specifically designed EPIC for the US marketplace. EPIC provides a complete title insurance distribution and underwriting platform. It has virtual underwriting capabilities, so users enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience, speed and cost savings.

EPIC eliminates the need to order or maintain policy forms, replacing traditional application, underwriting and issuance methods with a bold new web based approach. Through our new secure AttorneyDoneDeal® website, you can use EPIC to prepare insured closing letters, commitments, policies, endorsements and other settlement documents.

EPIC Capabilities

Underwriting and Issuance

  • Request and receive automatic underwriting approval

  • Use predefined exception and requirement clauses templates

  • Import legal description

  • One stop management of exceptions, requirements and endorsements by using the multi-dimensional Issues Workbench functionality

  • Create your forms, endorsements, commitments and ALTA policies

Complete Document Preparation

  • Produce documents individually or in packages

  • Create, save and print policies, pre-closing and closing documents and other miscellaneous documents

  • PDF any document, save it, print it and/or email it to your clients, agents or attorneys

  • HUD forms made easy

Customized Reporting

  • Report on a wide variety of business, policy and customer information

  • Use standard predefined reports or create your customized reports

Export data and prepare cheques

  • Transfer disbursements and receipts to your accounting package

  • Write and print checks, reconcile accounts and create accounting reports in QuickBooks

Additional user-friendly features

  • User friendly and intuitive system

  • Fully customizable calendar that helps you keep track of important dates

  • Work with screens that dynamically ask you the right underwriting questions

  • Use our built-in eligibility messaging to guide you through the preparation of an electronic application

  • Automatically validate mandatory and optional data before policy issuance