Your very own private and secure personal inbox

TIP: To retrieve New Home Closing Packages with a Deal Code, please use this link to login (www.lawyerdonedeal.com/dr ).

Secure Interaction with Mortgage Lenders

Retrieve and process mortgages quicker, easier and more securely than ever. In comparison to using a fax machine or other portals, we save you more time and effort than you ever thought possible.

You receive complete mortgage instruction packages

No more searching for missing documents or hunting for the right schedules. They're all easy to find in one package. Better yet, since you receive them digitally, they are 100% crystal clear and easy to read.

Your funds requesting process couldn’t get much easier 

Our intelligent system checks for missing information before you submit the request for funds. And since it doesn’t have to be faxed to the lender, it’s processed quickly. In many instances this means you receive the closing funds much sooner.

Let’s take the pain out of the final reporting process

The system also checks for missing information on the final report. And you guessed it - since it’s completed and submitted electronically - in most cases you won’t have to remit the signed documents to the lender.

Easily Retrieve New Home Closing Packages

For lawyers acting on behalf of purchasers in New Home / New Condo transactions, WebDocumentRetrieval is easy, fast… and FREE!

  • Project and closing documents are made available electronically, per project

  • Subdivision and other plans can also be made available electronically, per project, at the discretion of the vendor’s lawyer, alleviating the necessity of obtaining copies through e-reg®

  • Documentation available electronically in fully secure environment

  • Direct link to TitlePLUS® Title Insurance, with an automated policy application and generation system. Applications are pre-populated and pre-approved for projects enrolled in the TitlePLUS New Home Program


The Top 6 Reasons Clients Prefer their LDD Inbox

We sent out a survey to our clients across Canada. Here are the top reasons they like using WebDocumentRetrieval.

  1. Completing and submitting Request for Funds & Final Report is easier and faster.
  2. Easy to complete the correct mortgage documentation in just a few mouse clicks.
  3. Retrieving builder closing packages is easy and free.
  4. All data and deal information from the inbox can be used in the RealtiWeb file.
  5. Signing up is free and all the features are extremely easy to use.
  6. Our users save time on every file - up to 30 minutes per conveyancing file!