Streamline and enhance the Wills drafting process


Wills production made simple

WillPowerWeb® is a comprehensive Wills production and management system that runs on the LawyerDoneDeal® private cloud. It incorporates a powerful database, enabling you to quickly create and customize Wills, Powers of Attorney and related documents. Enter data once and let WillPowerWeb take care of the rest for you!

Plus you can easily create Estate Administration Documents from your Will file.

  • Universal access, 24/7

  • State-of-the-art security

  • Transaction-based pricing

  • No License Fees or Support Costs



Information Gathering

WillPowerWeb even makes information gathering easy with a unique Planning Your Will Guide. This provides a guideline for your clients to organize their information to assist with the process of Will preparation. On their own time, your clients fill in their information in the appropriate sections. Ultimately, this saves you time and helps ensure accuracy. 

Database Management

WillPowerWeb collects and stores information for all parties to a Will: client, spouse or partner, lawyers, estate trustees, guardians, beneficiaries, gift recipients, witnesses, and powers of attorney. 

This database ultimately makes it easier when the time comes to create the Will.

Clauses and Templates

WillPowerWeb comes with over 100 clauses. Simply select the clauses you want and WillPowerWeb will generate a Will based on your selections. The result is a Will tailored to your specifications. 

WillPowerWeb also has several standard Will templates, which are comprised of a pre-determined set of clauses. These templates can be modified, or new ones created.


The following documents are included in WillPowerWeb and are customizable to suit your needs: 

  • Will for client and reciprocal party (if applicable)

  • Affidavit of Execution for client and reciprocal Affidavits

  • Powers of Attorney for client and reciprocal party

  • Codicils, as required

  • Cover letters for Will

  • Follow-up letters

  • Statement of Account and Trust Statement

  • Reports to Client

  • Joint Retainer

  • Standard Will envelopes

If the standard documents are not exactly what you want, the master document templates can be readily modified or new ones created.

Reporting Feature

WillPowerWeb helps you keep track of documents by producing lists of files you've created, with the status of each file. For example, view the date a Will was signed, the date it was sent, or the date it is to be reviewed.

Preview your Will

Will Preview lets you see exactly what your Will is going to look like before you produce it.