Canada's leading web-based conveyancing application


From Vancouver Island to Cape Breton, no other single conveyancing application covers more of the country

What makes RealtiWeb so popular? No other conveyancing software offers so many features in such an efficient and easy to use web-based package. RealtiWeb puts you in control of real estate transactions. You can produce documents, manage files, and even apply for title insurance. There are no license fees, no support costs and signing up is free. You simply pay for the services you use.

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Save Time on Your Conveyancing Files

Whether it's reducing the need to manually enter data or handling financial calculations, RealtiWeb helps you run a more efficient, profitable practice.

In fact, we save you more time than any other conveyancing solution.

Want proof? Here's user-reported time savings with RealtiWeb.

Time Saved per Real Estate File

100% of respondents said RealtiWeb helped them save time on their files

Error Reduction in Real Estate Files

100% of respondents said RealtiWeb helped reduce errors on their files

Speed Without Sacrificing Accuracy

From financial calculations to merging documents, RealtiWeb reduces common mistakes made on real estate files. 100% of our users report significant error reduction throughout their workflow.


More Reasons to Love RealtiWeb

Control YOUR documents and Precedents

No other conveyancing software matches RealtiWeb’s built-in word processing capabilities. With a simple interface, importing your precedents or creating your own document masters is as easy as point and click! 

Import Data and Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Whenever possible, we help you import (and export) data with provincial land registries, mortgage lenders, other law firms, etc. Plus – once the data is in RealtiWeb, it’s available for you to use how you like – without retyping! 

Share Documents and Deal Information

Want to share a document (or set of documents) and collaborate with the other side’s legal representation? RealtiWeb makes it easy to control what you share and who you share it with!


A National Platform

RealtiWeb is offered to legal professionals in 6 provinces across Canada. 


British Columbia

Electronically search and retrieve land title information from LTSA and submit land title documents and related documents for registration.


Import title searches from the Alberta Land Titles SPIN System.


Import title searches from The Property Registry and generate the forms you need for eRegistry.


Import title searches from ISC Land Titles system.


Electronically search, retrieve and download information and create documents for registration - all within RealtiWeb.

Nova Scotia

Import title search information from Property Online.



File Management

With RealtiWeb, one system covers all aspects of managing the file from retainer to reporting.

The file management capabilities integrate the file intake process with:

  • Built-in calendar functionality

  • Your own private inbox

  • A multi-dimensional Issues WorkBench™

  • TitlePLUS® application and policy issuance

Document Production

Create the documents you need quickly and easily with hundreds of constantly updated and widely used precedents for real estate transactions. Each precedent is fully customizable for a particular deal, or for firm usage. This means that documents can be grouped and created to suit the law firm's practice.

Or, use your own document versions. The full document creation capability allows you to import them as system precedents.

Furthermore, dealing with issues - from clearance letters to requisitions to reports and undertakings - is made easy because you can do it all through the Issues Workbench.

Integration with TitlePLUS Title Insurance

Getting your TitlePLUS policy is easy with RealtiWeb. That's because it's seamlessly integrated with a TitlePLUS policy application and issuance capability. There's no need to input data twice. Just enter your data once and RealtiWeb uses the information throughout the file and sends it to your TitlePLUS application.


Access data and documents from other lawyers, new home builders and mortgage lenders from your own private inbox.


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